Welcome to the More Than State and Ivy college coaching website.  Wow, that’s a mouthful of a name but that is what I want everyone to know about going to college. There are so many more options than the Ivies or state schools.  I believe figuring out where you want to go to school and creating an application that reflects the awesomeness that is you (or is in the works) is the last rite of passage before you become an adult.  I believe that making it meaningful makes it more than just an application, more than to-do list, and more than a bumper sticker. And working with me is going to be much more than just hiring a college counselor.  It’s going to be more fun, more thoughtful and way more real.  Don’t you want more?

If you do want more, call me – 971-235-0749 or email me –  bahardie@comcast.net